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This community is a rating community. People vote and decide if you are cute/pretty enough for this community. If you are accepted then you can vote. We'll try to keep this community as nice as we can. Please join now... Oh and follow the fucking rules. :)

I don't care if you promote in the community, but no big promo banners that mess up the layout. It really ticks me off.

[1] Fill out the application.

[2] Post your application + pictures behind a LJ cut. If you don't know how, look at the live journal FAQ.

[3] Only accepted members can vote on the new.

[4] Put "pretty cute?" as the subject line if it's an app., and "Stamped" if you were already accepted and you want to share something.

[5] When you are accepted and you vote don't be extremely rude. Just say a no, and why. Don't use "Your ugly" as your reason. It's not a beauty contest. And none of that, "nothing stood out stuff.".. Your not looking for a model face.

[6] No nude pictures. We don't want to see that, really.

[7] Post your app. within the first 3 days of when you first join. If you don't then you will automatically get a no, sorry.

[8] You cannot post anything until you are accepted. The first thing you post will be your application. If you are rejected, leave or try again in 1 week.

Favorite activity?
Least favorite activity?
Why do you think you should be a member of this community?
Will you promote to at least one community or one user?
2+ pictures.

mod. afikiddie69

co. mods. hispretty_words, __hola_hovito__, lost_kacey

only accepted members can vote and or promote other communities in this community.

crack__the_sky * southsidestory_ * _biter * xemo_loserx * lostwitout_you * hooskyboosky * kapilove_ * nycitygirl * lost_kacey * teh_duck * seanypoo182 * rileyrie * sparklypunk * gazebo77 * 0ne_last_kiss * ninney * explode_darling * aly55a * i_died_tomorrow * unwantedxgurl * xmestgrlx * candyhearts13 * insideshedied * _d33 * contradictoryme * morgannachild * pretty_in_punk * hispretty_words * twisted_pinks * zxzxmaressaxzxz * super__vixen * exoticxlush * _black_x_tears_ * cuddlethecows * holdmylips * livinginashadow * b1oodstaindlife * yoyo_wannadisco * brio_elan * ediktd * ruined_by_rain * thispainedbliss * lilsexiilulu * brooke38901 * cats_need_homes * earsville * comfortingxlies

thanks southsidestory_ for the next two...