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Pretty Cute

Name? Danny
Sex? Male
Age/Birthday? 15, 7/17
Location? Mass
Favorite activity? Listening to music and computers
Color? Blue
Bands? Kittie, Evanescence, The Dresden Dolls, Ashlee Simpson, Madonna, Nightwish, and Spice Girls
Movies? Gentlemen Prefer Blindes, Some Like It Hot, Anything with Marilyn Monroe, Coyote Ugly and Friday The 13th (all)
Food? Pizza and French Fries
Least favorite activity? Just being bored...
Color? Puke Green
Band? Blink 182...not that hate them, just not a fan
Movie? I can't really think of one.
Food? Corn
Why do you think you should be a member of this community? _goingxuder promoted on my LiveJournal
Will you promote to at least one community or one user? Yes...0promotewhore0_
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